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Bengali culture is one of the most vibrant among India’s diverse cultures. Bengal has a few traditions that India finds amusing and intriguing, just like every state has its own unique set of marital customs and rituals. A Bengali wedding is not only “bigger than life,” but also distinctive and joyful thanks to many exciting traditions, such as holding a paan leaf tradition before the bride and groom’s first look. Now, let’s examine the main traditions and rites associated with Bengali weddings. In addition, we will offer advice on what to wear for each occasion during this 4-5 day event.

This would make it easier for you to understand how vivid and vibrant a Bengali wedding is. Also, it will instruct you on how to dress impeccably if you ever receive an invitation to a Bengali friend’s wedding. Let’s start with the wedding preparations.

Top 13 lovely Banarasi sarees
for brides from Bengal

Banarasi sarees are renowned for their elaborate patterns and opulent appearance. See some of the newest banarasi saree collections.
Adi maa wedding sarees

A Bengali bridal outfit would only be complete in a magnificent Banarasi saree with gold jewelry, whether for an engagement ceremony or a wedding ritual. The beautiful banarasi sarees with rich complex motifs would undoubtedly be the center of attention at a wedding. The most gorgeous image caught in Bengali wedding photography is of a Bengali bride clad in a perfectly plated Banarasi saree with a matching dupatta overhead. The sheer exhibition of exquisite embroidery on Banarasi sarees is exceedingly lovely. Most Bengali girls fantasize about wearing a banarasi saree that will give them a wonderful appearance. Thus, if you are a new bride-to-be who is battling with what to wear on your wedding day, stop pondering and start planning.

Adi maa wedding sarees 2

Breathtaking Maroon and Yellow Combination

This lovely Maroon saree with a dual-tone Maroon yellow blouse is an excellent choice for the wedding day. The stunning meenakari embroidery all over the saree is the main attraction. These stunning needlework and rich fabric combine to create an ideal attire for a new bride. Combining it with elaborate gold jewelry will complete your style.
Adi maa wedding sarees 3

Traditional Maroon Banarasi Embroidered with Silver Brocade

A maroon banarasi with silver patterns is one of the most classic styles in the Bengali bridal saree. This lovely maroon saree goes wonderfully with a Bengali bride’s customary gold jewelry. The silver motifs and stone-embedded bridal dupatta look stunning with this stunning banarasi saree.
Adi maa wedding sarees 4

The Wonderful Rustic Banarasi

We’re swooning over this stunning doodhe-alta banarasi saree. The delicate flower designs in the saree match her gleaming gold jewelry and add to her wedding radiance. The exquisite style of this bridal banarasi saree gives her a gorgeous appearance. The stunning red color on the white embroidery of the saree is the icing on the cake.
Adi maa wedding sarees 5

Beautiful Royal Blue Benarasi

Bengali brides nowadays love to wear banarasi sarees in bright colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and blue. This Bengali bride is the epitome of beauty and elegance. The stunning mix of golden Rajasthani design over blue banarasi is ideal for your wedding celebration. Choose an attractive piece of gold jewelry to complement your Bengali bridal style.
Adi maa wedding sarees 6

Banarasi in yellow with a rosy red blouse

Yellow is a lively color that is most commonly linked with the Haldi ceremony, although it can also be used during a wedding ceremony. The gleaming yellow and maroon combo of this banarasi saree transforms the bride into an attractive queen. The saree’s golden designs on the yellow section and chanderi work on the red border are a wonderful delight for all bong brides. For an edgy appearance, pair your yellow banarasi with a red shirt with a booted pattern.
Adi maa wedding sarees 7

Banarasi in Blood Red with Golden Motifs

Several brides have appeared in this stunning and traditional attire. This blood-red banarasi bridal saree with huge floral designs is a sight to behold. It goes well with a matching blouse and dupatta. To keep her wedding appearance traditional, the bride has worn little makeup and red lipstick.
Adi maa wedding sarees 8

Banarasi Sky Blue Vibrant

Who says bright colors aren’t appropriate for a wedding look? Here’s an excellent example of a Bengali bridal banarasi saree in a lighter color, such as sky blue. Sky blue is a one-of-a-kind color that may lend a distinctive touch of elegance to your wedding appearance. The booted work on this stunning saree complements her golden blouse and bronze jewelry brilliantly. Her simple makeup and curling hair in a beautiful bun is ideal for a charming reception appearance.
Adi maa wedding sarees 9

Banarasi Go Green for Nature

Have a look at this exquisite bride dressed in green banarasi. This lime green banarasi saree for a Bengali wedding is an excellent choice for highlighting your classic collection of gold jewelry. Her minimalistic makeup and strong eyes are the epitomai of minimalist beauty.
Adi maa wedding sarees 10

Stunning Blue Shade Banarasi Combo

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this stunning banarasi saree in purple, royal blue, and sea green. This delighted bride’s heavy gold jewelry, such as kaner-dul, chick, gold necklaces, and glossy bangles, looks stunning on her blue-colored Indian wedding saree. Her wedding beauty is enhanced by the beautiful meenakari design on the whole Saree.
Adi maa wedding sarees 11

Zardosi Banarasi is opulent

This lovely bride’s captivating appearance is motivating to all brides-to-be. One of the most recent and spectacular banarasi saree selections is the designer red banarasi saree for Bengali brides. Wear it with a designer blouse and rich gold jewelry, as seen on this bride. To obtain a beautiful effect, drape a crimson dupatta over your head and let it fall towards the back.Saree.
Adi maa wedding sarees 12

Bong's Favorite Banarasi: White & Red

Another stunning blend of two lovely colors in a banarasi saree. This lal par shada saree wedding appearance is the most adored and preferred by Bengali brides. The pearly white saree with bootidar patterns design and a big crimson border is really appealing. To make it a captivating wedding appearance, match it with a crimson puffed blouse. A crimson bold bindi, glossy lips and bold eyes will work wonders for this stunning bridal style.
Adi maa wedding sarees 13

The lovely Magenta Banarasi

This is another popular bridal saree look favored by Bengali brides. Another stunning garment that would make any would-be bride drool is the lovely magenta banarasi with golden embellishments that work all over the body. Use matching jewelry with this stunning banarasi to provide a lovely twist to your bridal appearance.
Adi maa wedding sarees 14

Pink Banarasi, Oh My Goodness

Pink is a color that most girls like. This effervescent bride looks stunning in her happy pink banarasi. We must admire her dazzling appearance, which is accentuated by elegant diamond jewelry. This lovely wedding appearance in a saree is the main attraction of a wedding celebration.
Adi maa wedding sarees 15